Answers to the SWARM Quiz on

June 07, 2021

Answers to the SWARM Quiz on

  • 1. What is Swarm built on?


  • 2. What is the technical paper describing the overall vision of Swarm?

Book of Swarm

  • 3. Who participates in Swarm’s fair data economy?

Node operators

  • 4. How many tokens are allocated to the CoinList sale (Options 1 and 2 collectively)?

5,173,934 tokens

  • 5. How is the allocated token pool divided between Options 1 and 2?

All tokens are allocated to Option 1 initially. If tokens remain after the Option 1 sale ends, the remaining tokens will roll over to the Option 2 sale

  • 6. What is the sale mechanism for the Swarm sale?

Users in the waiting room for the sale will be given a random spot in the queue when the sale starts. Users who arrive after the sale starts for the sale will be placed behind those in the waiting room

  • 7. What currencies are accepted for payment in the sale?


  • 8. What is the price per token and max purchase for the sale?

Option 1: $1.92 per token, $500 limit. Option 2: $1.92 per token, $10,000 limit

  • 9. What will happen if someone submits a purchase but doesn’t complete it?

The user’s purchase may be cancelled and the user may be banned from future CoinList sales

  • 10. Where will I be able to participate in the token sale?

  • 11. What happens to a user who use bots or abuse the Queue-It system?

The user’s account will be terminated and all purchases will be cancelled

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