Progress Report on Chief Delegate Candidacy

March 09, 2023

As a Chief Delegate (CD) of Eden, I’ve been working to promote EOS and the Eden DAO, with marketing operations. I’ve noticed how hard it is to track what everyone is doing, and how eventually, once someone’s term ends, people usually forget the work that was done previously. Hence, I found it useful to make a page like this on my personal site, which will allow people to track my progress anytime I update the site. Here are some of the things that Ive done up until now:

EOS Community Promotion

Collaborated on the organization of the event by Blockchain@HEC: “Public Blockchain Stories” via Zoom during Paris Blockchain Week, covering both EOS and Eden. We will introduce EOS to HEC Paris alumni, students, and the broader Web3 community. The topics will cover the development trend of public blockchain, EOS key development plan in 2023, IBC, Eden and more!


Eden Promotion

Marketing Operations

  • Working on a major update for the EOS Go website, which will make it more user-friendly, readable and place Eden at the forefront. The update will also provide access to all future Eden content and the Wiki we are building.
  • Developing an Eden Wiki on EOS Go to break barriers to participation for new members and attract more people to join the DAO. The first wiki-related content was already released on March 9th, which is an introductory guide to DAOs. However, due to the site not being updated yet, it currently has the format of a “news” piece. Eventually, all of the content will have its own section on the site, as previously mentioned, it’ll be front and center, easily discoverable, and browsable.
  • Working on multiple upcoming Eden-related articles.

I’m committed to continuing to fund promotional operations for Eden, EOS, and EOS Go improvements even after my CD term ends. It’s important to me that the progress made during my term is not lost and that the community continues to benefit from these efforts in the future. I believe that supporting these initiatives beyond my term is crucial to the long-term success of Eden and EOS.

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